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Thursday 7 November 2013

How to Score Comps in Casinos

Comps, short for complimentaries,  is a much desired word in casinos.

They’re what you receive as a token of appreciation from the casino management for your patronage. They’re what you can get as a form of peace offering when you’ve gone upset in the casino. They’re a plus you can score for free.

But of course, you need to be playing first before you can earn this.

Let us dig deeper about comps and how you can win more.

Casinos will do everything in their power (sounds exaggerated? but yes, this is the only way they could keep their business going) to sustain clients. Expect to be treated like a royalty especially if you are among those players who are more than willing to go all out on a hand.

Free beverages and meals are among the common perks. But you can also receive discounted rates on hotel rooms. Aside from that, you may even receive complimentaries such as free limousine service, or an airfare.

Comps are usually distributed in the form of reward points.

Members would receive plastic cards that resemble credit cards. They would insert this card into a magnetic reader on the machine they are playing. The computer then reads the card amount and the corresponding play duration.

You will know how much points you earn for your bets as the machine informs you once you have inserted your card. As you keep playing, the points also add up.

Casinos provide a list of comps that you can earn depending on points you have accumulated. You can even opt to redeem your comps in cash, or through service upgrades.

If you wish to inquire about comps redemption but are playing in slot clubs without point tables, chances are you will be directed to the player rewards club booth. Upon your request, the attendant shall check on their end whether you qualify for comps, or how much you can be redeemed.

The card issued by casinos for club members as well as typical players are usually similar. These cards are also used as identification so you can be rated for comps when you plan in table games. The pit boss shall take charge tracking your buy-in and the duration of your play.

So, you may be wondering how casinos are winning from their clients?

There’s a computation to it but that we will no longer go to the technical side. Although, know that casinos are likely to gather 10 to 40 percent, at estimate, from your expected winnings

The factors that meanwhile determine your expected loss as player includes the amount of time you are playing or the duration of play, average bet, the number of hands per hour as well as the house percentage.

Being rated for comps, on the other hand, can be very beneficial for you if you frequent in casinos to play.

You can automatically be included on their mailing lists and therefore receive updates ahead anyone else. Rated players are also offered invites on casino tournaments, which we know is not publicly distributed.

Earning comps, indeed, is like landing the VIP list.

Will Stewart would use her free time practicing on free slots online before she goes to land-based casinos to play. She’s not betting huge, but exerts extra effort so she can play her cards well in ways possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions ,please feel free to write in comment section.

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