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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Casino Games Are Making a Foray into Social Sphere

Social media as some people believe is definitely not the Next Big Thing because it has already become the ‘Big Thing’ as evident from the colossal growth of some social media sites like – Facebook, Pinterest etc. Therefore, it is quite natural that casino owners will be trying their level best to harness the power of this platform and make hay while sun shine.

Casino social games are no longer the fad of an eccentric, thanks to the massive development in this field, it has now become a reality. If you happen to have an account on Facebook, it is highly likely that you have played this SlotSpot Facebook slots game which is making a splash in this sphere. This game is developed by Blitzoo and its immense popularity stands testimony to the fact that this sphere is slowly heating up.

How To Promote On This Overtly Heated Platform

 I can assume that you have already heard the names of DoubleDown and Playtika. Haven’t you? Well in that case, allow me to illuminate you. These two were the two most respected social casino game development companies and guess what they were acquired at some unknown price. Some social game development companies have predicted after analyzing the available data that mobile casino games are going to see a massive growth in the upcoming years. But what does this mean to a game developer who wants to make a foray into this domain? Well, it means a lot.

The first thing that a game developer needs to know is that casino social gaming platform has got overheated and that means, it will be very hard for you as a newbie to make a dent. The CPA [Cost per acquisition] has gone through the roof as far as Facebook is concerned and therefore, you need to diversify your marketing approach. Cross platform development is another viable marketing tactic that you can adapt to give your marketing effort a shot in the arm.   

Figure out your targeted Audience

Kicking off a marketing campaign without knowing your targeted audience is just a huge waste of time and money. Say for example, if you are developing slots games, you should concentrate solely on aging females. Similarly if you are planning to develop poker games for social circles, you need to target male teenage audience.

However, if you want to develop a game that appeals to a large number of audiences regardless of their genders and geographical locations, you have to concentrate on casino style games. Casino style games appear to be more consistent and its growth curve had never taken a sudden plunge and that means, you are not going to take a huge risk while investing your money and energy on this game.

Reason to Cheer

Of course there is a real reason to be optimistic about. It appears that some countries are planning to lax the laws that will allow game developers to build ‘real-money gambling game’ and this could be the game changer. As you can understand, big budget players are going to rule the roost in this domain so it makes sense that you should be focusing more on virtual currency games. However, if you feel you are creative enough, you can go ahead and start competing with these big players.

Cool Tips to Make a case for your Casino Social Game

Game Balance – You should not extend the session length to infinite. Clearly mention how many spins it will require before the money is spent. Also provide more information on how things will change as people level up.

Free to Paid Conversion - How you are going to get more people converted from free to premium that is a million dollar question. Try to figure out which offer is converting more free members to paid members.
User Segmentation – You need to segment your targeted audience based on their location, language and then try to figure out which segment is helping you convert more visitors.
 Author Bio

Evans is a blogger and he is currently associated with BonusParadise, a leading gambling portal.

If you have any questions or suggestions ,please feel free to write in comment section.

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