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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Description Of All Casino Games

The games that are played in the casinos are called as casino games. The gambling of the casino chips for various random outcomes plays these games and bets are made for these outcomes. These types of games are categorized into three categories, namely table games, games played on electronic machines and random numbered output games. A brief description of the categories of these games is summarized as below.

Table games: These types of games are played in the casino on a table and one or two live dealers control the game.

  Blackjack: Blackjack or twenty-one, is a 2-player casino game in which the each player gets 2 cards and can change cards with turns to get to a maximum total less than or equal to 21. The player with the total of 21 or the maximum of the two player’s total wins the game.

·         Craps: It is a multiplayer dice game, in which 2 or more dice are thrown and the players bet on the random output wins the bet. The bet can be made in terms of cash money or other valuables.

·         Baccarat: This is a card comparison game played between a player and a banker. The cards are distributed and the player with the best cards wins the game. It has only three outputs results, either the banker wins or the player wins or it is a tie.

·         Roulette: The table contains a spinning wheel on the top marked in black and red colors. The players bet on a particular number or a color or whether the outcome is even or odd. The dealer spins the wheel and throws a ball and the correct bet wins.

·         Poker: This game involves a family of cards and is a betting game. Each player is dealt with the number of cards varying with the type of game. The player with a better combination wins.

Gaming Machines: These games are played on electronic machines either in casino or outside the casino installed with permission.

·    Pachinko: This game is played on a pinball type machine where there are a number of balls, which on shooting in a desired location releases a number of balls. The target is to release the maximum number of balls to exchange for gifts.

·         Video Lottery Terminal: It is a machine game that allows betting on the outcome of a video game.

·         Slot Machine: These machines contain three or more rolling reels that are rolled to get a desired winning combination.

·         Video Poker: Similar to slot machines, it is a five-card draw game of poker on a machine.

Random Number Games: Random Games are based on random selection of numbers from a random number generating machine or other equipment.

·         Keno: The machine contains a bubble containing 80 numbered balls. Players bet on the number on the balls that will be withdrawn, and the prices are according to the number of matching bets.

·         Bingo: Players get cards with numbers printed in 5*5 matrices, which are to be marked with the numbers called randomly by the controller. The player completing the fastest bingo combination wins the game.

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