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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Poker Rules – Know It like the Back of Your Palm

If you are not a strict personality who has promised never to gamble in life, think about playing poker. It is fun and if you are playing free poker, there is no question of risking your money. Even without placing a bet, you can enjoy poker play. It is the best thing for those who are new to the game and yet to familiarize themselves with the rules. And if you think that it will take a year or more to learn the game, you could be no more wrong. Without having those rules at your finger tips, it will not be possible to fully enjoy the game. Even the dull-headed persons won’t require much of time to learn the poker rules

Texas Hold ‘Em and Seven-Card Stud are the two most popular poker games. Basic rule is same in both varieties as the players are required to choose the five cards which represent your hand. The hand which is ranked highest is the winner. Up to this, you have found no complexity, I guess, isn’t it? But you might have some confusions regarding ranking. So let us elaborate on this point.

Poker involves ten hands. Here they have been arranged from the lowest to highest:

1.   High Card: If other players don’t have any of the following combinations, the highest card holder wins the game. 
2.      Pair: It refers to two matching cards.
3.      Two Pair: It refers to couples of pair, two from one card and another two from other variety.
4.      Three of a Kind: It refers to three cards matching in value (for example, three aces or three fives).
5.      Straight: Five cards, irrespective of suit in ranking order.
6.      Flush: Same-suit five cards, rank is not a matter.
7.      Full House: Two of one value card and three of another.
8.      Four of a Kind: Four same value cards, suit does not matter.
9.     Straight Flush: Same suite five cards, order need to be maintained but higher order is not mandatory.
10.  Royal Flush: Same suite five cards, order must be from ten to ace. The royal flush can bet the House.
The rules of Seven-Card poker are also simple. Each player gets seven cards. As per rule, for making the betting hand, the players are required to pick the top five individually. Once you understand the poker rules, you can enjoy its funny side more. It is quite natural for the new players to forget the rank order and make a mess of it. So better for them is to keep a list while playing poker.

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