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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Hotel and Casino – An Incredible Experience of Luxury & Gaming

These days, the celebrity hotels are offering in-house casinos to provide their customers with the best of entertaining facilities for enjoyment. Casino is a big draw in these hotels and also an inviting factor to woo the ace gamblers. Hotel and casino sound a magnetic combination. The famous casino halls in the premier hotels have more than 2000 slot machines and 80 table games.
The old hotels have undergone a suitable contemporary makeover to accommodate casino within its set-up. They have beautified themselves by adding a touch of contemporary fusion of tradition and trendiness in decoration style while keeping the basic structure almost unaltered.  The hotel rooms are airy and fitted with the latest designer furniture. In addition, every room has a separate balcony and attached bathroom. These hotels also feature a common lounge, spacious dining room, car parking corner, sprawling garden, libraries, swimming pool, spa treatment apart from casino arrangement. In a word, the hotels cum casino buildings are almost like a paradise for those seeking comfort in the lap of grandeur and luxury. 

Usually these casinos have limited access to those who want to try out their luck. Apart from the hotel residents, only the high-heeled outsiders are allowed to play in the casinos. The casino room is big and has giant spotlights for clear visibility. The hoteland casino offer a super cool feel of entertainment. The in-hotel casinos get footfalls of the celebrity guests who enthrall the audience with their gaming skill and superb performance. Excitement runs high in the gamblers as well as the spectators. These casinos include the most exciting games and always have an effort to integrate the new launches for the gambling enthusiasts. 

One of the most favorite and interesting game played out in the casino is Cirque du soleil show. It entertains the guest through exciting portrayal of magic and comedy. These days, online casinos are becoming more popular. Still when it comes to entertainment, excitement and enjoyment, the brick and mortar casinos steal the show. Smoking is strictly prohibited in common venues of these posh hotels. However, casino is exempted from such stringent restriction. The smokers are free to light up here! 

Apart from gambling and plush comfort, the combined set-up of hotel and casino is favored by the food lovers. These hotels dish up a huge variety of continental and oriental cuisines. You can dig in the best world cuisines here.

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