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Thursday 20 December 2012

Be Familiar with Different Versions of Poker

Poker is a card game that can be traced back to 1829. As far as the record goes, the game was first played in New Orleans where a deck of 20 cards was used. Since 1850, the players started using a deck of 50 cards. From the very beginning, poker got massive popularity and slowly made its way to big gambling houses and casinos. The game has many variations, most of which were originated in America in the mid of 1990. Some of the most popular varieties are mentioned below: 

It is the oldest poker game and uses three-card hands. The participants are allowed to increase or re-increase the wagers during the first round. Later, straight gave rise to other complex formats of pokers such as three-card brag and Primero. 

In terms of seniority, stud poker comes next to only straight. The game allows a deal of hand in a prearranged combination of streets round or face-up or face-down. Seven-card and five-card stand are two most popular variations of stud gaming. Other variations include Mexican stud, six-card stud, Mississippi stud, Caribbean stud, Kentrel Razz etc. 

Draw Game
In this five-card hands poker game, the players are allowed to change their hands even after a complete hand dealing and bet is already put by them. The players may discard the unwanted cards in their hands and ask for new hand dealing. This poker variation results into more draw games like Q-ball, Baduci, Gardena Jackpots, California lowball, California high low split etc. 

Community Card
This variety uses face-up community cards. These cards are dealt at the heart of gambling table and shared by the players. This game is thought to be a variation of stud game with a major difference on card dealing front. A complete hand in this poker variation is a combination of incomplete card dealing and community cards. 

Video Variation
Video poker is a popular game mainly played at the casinos. It involves a machine that allows the players place a bet, deal cards and reject or replace them. The amount of money a player will receive depends on the final outcome. 

Five-O Poker
According to the rule, only two players can participate in the game. It is mandatory for the players to play five hands of five cards at a stretch. One-round betting starts only after five-hands down. 

Strip Variety
This game is very interesting in the sense that the players have to remove their clothes after losing the best. No big difference in the rules and only simple variant such as five-card draw is used.

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